Cody Gibson

Singer | Songwriter

Cody Gibson was born October 23, 1990 in Phoenix, Arizona and raised in Hanoverton, Ohio. Though currently unsigned, Cody is an American Country Music singer/songwriter that has a lot to say, and he is being heard.

Since he was a child, Cody has been surrounded by music. “I can remember growing up as a kid, my dad would turn on the tunes and we’d dance and sing all day.” Growing up in the small town of Hanoverton, there wasn’t much more to do than listen to music and raise a little Cain.

His first real attempt at creating music came in high school, when Cody and some of his buddies started a band called Gone Astray. They performed in talent shows, dances and school events, but as is frequently the case after high school, they split up. “I loved it. The performing, the band, the whole experience, but it was a hard rock band and it just wasn’t where my heart was.”

As time went on, he worked at various jobs and eventually moved to California in pursuit of his music career, but the right door never opened. After moving back home, he again worked odd jobs until one night, when singing karaoke at a local bar, a woman approached him. She told him “If you sing Karaoke for the rest of your life there’s something wrong.” That statement would change his life forever.

His first album, “That’s My Home” can be found on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon. Please give a listen to his current single “Tailgate Buzz”. As a rising artist, some of his influences and inspiration come from artists such as Alan Jackson, George Jones, Eric Church, Justin Moore and Jason Aldean. As Cody says, “I love country music, but I still like some rock in my country”. His only hope is that when people hear his music they’ll love it just as much as he loved writing and sharing it.